About us


The "Cooperativa Pescadores Nacionales de Abulón" was founded in 1936 and in the past 70 years has established itself as Mexico's fishing activities leader company. The quality, volume and variety of its products, as well as its technical, economical, and social development place it as a solid business in its area.
Pescadores Nacionales de Abulón has long-term exclusive federal concessions for the capture of lobster, abalone, top shell, seaweed, sea cucumber, and sea urchin. It also has permits for the commercial use of resources such as crab, clam, octopus, scale fish, shark, tuna, sardines, and anchovies.

The Coop has harmonically evolved with its surrounding habitat. The nature of island life itself has contributed to generate a consciousness of sustainable development within the community assuring an adequate, long term management of the fishing resources. Preservation of the species is of paramount importance. Therefore, the cooperative continuously carries out specific actions to assure an effective protection in fishing areas.

As an Enterprise, it has a strong vertical and horizontal integration. It participates directly in capture, processing and trading. Direct intervention of partners in every phase of the production chain makes their concern for excellence and their desire to achieve extraordinary results ever present. It has social funds addressed to education, sports, and health of the island's local community. It impels continuous capacitating programs in all areas.

The Cooperative has succeeded in integrating the traditional values of a strong and demanding fishing life with a modern organization and the technology that today's world demands. This formula has proven to benefit its customers, partners and the local island community.

S.C.P.P. Pescadores Nacionales de Abulón has sustained its international reputation as the leader of Mexico's fishing industry for over 70 years. It knows its market and knows how to satisfy the clients' challenging needs.


S.C.P.P. Pescadores Nacionales De Abulon, S.C. De R.L