Facilities and fleet


For the capture the cooperative relies in a multipurpose fleet of 40 small and medium sized vessels. To support this activity, the Coop has four big ships used for transport, in the collection of products and in the supply of fishing camps.For the processing Pescadores Nacionales de Abulón owns a spacious plant with flexible processing capabilities from handling live product to canned top shell and abalone, including freezing and cooking processes. The plant is located over a 16,400 m² area, of which 2,670 m² is built. To the super, natural excellence of our geography, we have added professional expertise and state-of-the-art equipment technology. The plant has the sanitary certification to export for the European Community. It functions with strict standards for prevention, monitoring and control, verification of finished product and critical point control (HACCP).

For the administration and commercialization, the cooperative owns a building in the port and city of Ensenada. It has highly qualified and friendly personnel that expedites the sale and shipment of products, supervising market demands and assuring the maximum satisfaction of its clients. The cooperative participates in national as well as international exhibitions and fairs. Its personnel makes frequent international business trips to learn about the positioning of the product, consumers preferences, new tendencies, major demand seasons, and to be in direct touch with clients and consumers and thus reinforce the continuous improvement of the products.

As the primary economic agent of Cedros Island, the Cooperative has achieved a staunch horizontal development. It fulfills its social responsibility to the public by operating a network of community oriented services such as a fleet of passenger and cargo planes and ships, supermarket, drugstores, and medical care. All these community services are coordinated by a joint enterprise, the Grupo Integral Cedros, S.A. de C.V.



S.C.P.P. Pescadores Nacionales De Abulon, S.C. De R.L